May 26, 2017

John Bailey, ASC, preparing to shoot “Love Don’t Let Me Down.”

John Bailey, ASC is in Nashville, Tennessee preparing to shoot “Love Don’t Let Me Down.” It’s his second collaboration with writer-director Shana Feste.

The cinematographer has earned more than 70 credits since the mid-1970s, including such memorable films as “Ordinary People,” “The Big Chill,” “In The Line of Fire,” “American Gigolo” and “The Accidental Tourist,” and that’s the short list.

Feste is in the dawn of her career. “Love Don’t Let Me Down” is her second long form feature following in the wake of “The Greatest,” her first project with Bailey, which was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

The location is an appropriate setting for a dramatic story that unfolds in the world of country music. Feste’s script weaves drama, music, romance and complex relationships into the fabric of a compelling story. Gwyneth Paltrow is cast in a leading role as a fading star in the galaxy of country music singers. Other main characters are a talented young song writer, Paltrow’s husband and manager, and a former beauty queen.


Tobey McGuire is producing the film.

Bailey is an aficionado of film history. He likens the story “a bit” to “All About Eve,” a classic 1950 Hollywood studio movie about an ambitious young actress who maneuvered her way into the lives of a Broadway star, successful playwright and producer. “All About Eve” isn’t a bad role model. The movie and people who worked on it won six Oscars and earned eight other nominations.

Stay tuned: We will stay in touch with Bailey as the production of “Love Don’t Let Me Down” evolves. The film will be released by Screen Gems.

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    i think it will a great movie,
    love don’t let me down,so beautiful name .
    i am looking forward to it.
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