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Reactions From Oscar Nominees


The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a list of notable reactions from the Oscar nominees. Read some of them below:

“I do believe some liposuction is in order, a very strict diet regime, and I will acquire a very light English accent. I was going to say that I should start wearing glasses, but I already wear glasses, so I am already sort of there.”

“Every once in a while, things going on in the bigger picture fuel the success of a film. People wanted to have something resonate on the positive side.”

“I’d always assumed that the road to Oscar was planned. I thought people chose projects that were considered ‘Oscar-worthy.’ No one wanted to make this film. I didn’t want to make this film for the better part of the year. Everyone is as blindsided — can I say that? — as I am.”

– Sandra Bullock, Best Actress nominee for The Blind Side

“I’m so grateful to have the honor of a fifth Oscar nomination, but to share this with my Crazy Heart colleagues T Bone and Ryan and my amazing co-star Maggie is truly special – this film is near and dear to my heart and theirs. I want to thank the Academy for being so kind to me for the past 40 years, and I want to thank my director Scott Cooper for helping bring Bad Blake to life, and to my wonderful wife Sue for being there for me the past 33 years. Today is filled with blessings”
– Jeff Bridges, Best Actor nominee for Crazy Heart

“Congratulations to Matt Damon on his nomination. I’m especially grateful to Clint Eastwood, ‘Invictus’ producer Lori McCreary, and the entire cast and crew of ‘Invictus.’ Most importantly, thank you to Nelson Mandela for his encouragement, his blessing and his friendship — without which, this film would not have been possible.”
– Morgan Freeman, nominated for Best Actor – Invictus

“This is more exhilarating than I could have ever imagined. What a tremendous honor from the Academy– a blazing stamp in the passport of an artist that can never be taken away and will always be cherished.”
– Jeremy Renner, Best Actor nominee for The Hurt Locker

“I’m so grateful to have the honor of a fifth Oscar nomination, but to share this with my Crazy Heart colleagues T Bone and Ryan and my amazing co-star Maggie is truly special – this film is near and dear to my heart and theirs. I want to thank the Academy for being so kind to me for the past 40 years, and I want to thank my director Scott Cooper for helping bring Bad Blake to life, and to my wonderful wife Sue for being there for me the past 33 years. Today is filled with blessings.”
– Maggie Gyllenhaal, Best Actress nominee for Crazy Heart

“It reminded me a lot of when you are a little kid, and your parents wake you up for a birthday or Christmas, or an exciting trip. The first thought that shoots into your brain is, ‘Yes, we are going to do it. It’s happening.”
– Christoph Waltz, nominee for Best Supporting Actor for Inglourious Basterds

“This is beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed of. I’ve definitely never felt such excitement and nausea this early in the morning!”

“It’s so rare to find a female character that has some kind of journey and changes as a result. So many times, they’re just accessory roles, the girlfriend or someone who performs some kind of plot function. A female character that had that much going on was rare.”

– Carey Mulligan, nominee for Best Actress

“I’m getting on a bit and I’ve been up and down a few times. I’m too old to get swept away in it completely and I’ve had little enough experience of it to feel too jaded.”

“I thought I was managing my expectations, but on hearing the news I discovered new and unfamiliar vocal tones. Perhaps I should do another musical.”

– Colin Firth, Best Actor nominee – The Single Man

“As soon as I heard, I jumped up and down and for some reason, I kept screaming, ‘I’m gonna get a car, I’m gonna get a car!’ I don’t know why. I was so excited…I’m not sure they know what they’re doing by letting me in that room.”

“I have had a lot fun and I don’t think I have paid for a dinner in 90 days. I’m looking forward to moving on to next challenge but Precious is certainly a character I don’t want to kill off because I think she is someone that exists without me because she exists in everyone.”

“It is absolutely amazing to be named in the same category with those people I have grown up watching. And Carey Mulligan too.”

– Gabourey Sidibe, nominee for Precious

“Jason Reitman texted me last night, ‘Are you going to sleep OK?’ I’m like, ‘Yes, shut up, dude. I’m trying to sleep.’ ”

“I can’t crack champagne because I’ve been cracking champagne throughout all these awards ceremonies and I’m on this psychotic diet, so I’ll celebrate in the gym. It is an Oscar diet. I gotta fit … in that tux.”

“After 82 years, it’s the first film nominated for best picture directed by an African American. Isn’t that great? It’s so exciting. How can you lose? You can’t lose!”

It hit me that I’ve been working so many years for this moment. Now that it’s here, what do I do? What do I do with my life now? … It makes you think about the things you missed working for this moment.”

– Lee Daniels, nominated for Precious

“The Hurt Locker is a very, very strong picture. Of the contenders, it’s definitely the strongest. Certainly it’s Kathryn’s moment. I would happily lose to her. I’ve already got one of those damn statues. I’d be pissed off if somebody else won, but I wouldn’t mind if she won.”
– James Cameron, nominated for Avatar

“I’m absolutely delighted that Helen Mirren and I have both been nominated by the Academy for portraying that stormy couple, The Tolstoy’s. As I’ve just turned 80, there’s no way it will go to my head.”

“I’m used to the recognition in the theater; I’m not quite used to it in film.”

– Christopher Plummer, nominated for The Last Station

“I think Tolstoy himself would have been perplexed by all this, but Sofya, his wife, would have been over the moon. So in that spirit, I am too.”
– Helen Mirren, nominated for The Last Station

“It’s been nice to hold George’s and Anna’s and Jason’s hands through it all. It’s been a great trip so far, and it’s just nice to have been able to have that acknowledgment as a team. It makes playing quarters at the ceremony much more fun.”
– Supporting Actress nominee Vera Farmiga – Up in the Air.

“On ‘Thank You for Smoking’ he called to console me. On ‘Juno’ he called in tears with such pride. This time I had the overwhelming joy of sharing this with him. We’re going to go to the Oscars together as co-nominees. I can’t sum up what it’s like to be my father’s son and then share this with him. To think of the 32 years of lessons he’s given me and how he’s always brought the best out of me as a human being and a director.”
-Jason Reitman, nominated for Up In The Air talking about his father, Ivan Reitman

“We tried to invent a world of musical sounds which would belong to the puppets only, and I took my inspiration from the craft of the animators, the set designer and the remarkable performances of George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Jason Schwartzman.”
– Alexandre Desplat, nominee for Fantastic Mr. Fox

“We do these things just because they are fun to do and try to make it as best we can. We’ve never really seen animation as a genre but as a medium. So to be included with all these other amazing films, that really raises the bar for everybody.”
– Director Pete Docter on Up’s Best Picture nomination

“I have just been told that I am nominated for an Oscar. My first reaction was to turn around and ask if it’s really me that they are talking about. Then, maybe, at the same moment, I became a little bewildered. I think of all these actors, all of the directors who have been in this same place, all of those lovely people who have made me dream and want to do what I do today and, in many respects, brought meaning to my life. So what am I feeling? In short, immense gratitude.”
– Jacques Audiard, director of The Prophet, nominated for Best Foreign Language Film

To read more go to The Hollywood Reporter.

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