May 29, 2017

Twilight: Carlisle Cullen beats Richie Rich, Scrooge McDuck as wealthiest fictional character

By Kim Palacios

It’s official. Carlisle Cullen has been named the wealthiest fictional character, according to the “Forbes Fictional 15” awards announced in the magazine’s April 14th issue. So, what is a centuries-old vampire’s estimated net worth? A staggering $31.4 billion.

The article makes an interesting assumption—that in 1670, Carlisle received a financial gift from the Volturi—which served as his starter fund for some 340 years of investing. Positions in growth commodities like oil and gold, plus low personal overhead over the years (e.g., no food, health care, or other “human” expenses) allowed the lion’s share of his fortune to see exponential growth through compound interest.

Another interesting quirk: the article mentions Alice’s ability to predict stock rallies and recessions as critical to Carlisle’s wealth. But, since Alice only joined the Cullens in the 1950s, a more realistic assumption would be that Edward used his mind-reading powers to eavesdrop on 109 years worth of conversations that helped fatten the Cullen purse.

Even more presumptuous than the main article is the companion article, “Blood Money”, which posits that Carlisle is hiding his wealth not only from the I.R.S., but also from charities! Saying that Goldman Sachs bankers might “take a few lessons [about not flaunting one’s wealth] from the richest man in fiction, Dr. Carlisle Cullen”, it ignores another canon explanation; Twi-hards already know how the Cullens explain the $3 million house, luxury cars, and couture threads: the vampiric art of dazzling.

Question: What do YOU think the Cullens do with all that money?


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  • April 19, 2010 | Permalink |

    I can’t imagine what anyone would do with a billion dollars, let alone $31.4 billion, that is crazy

  • December 2, 2010 | Permalink |

    As we are all discussing Twilight: Carlisle Cullen named wealthiest fictional character |, “paying it forward.” You’ve heard of that, haven’t you? If not, do a web search for it and you’ll see what I mean.

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