Joy Behar on gay stars Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga

By Greg Hernandez

It’s great to have Joy Behar on television.

She is so funny, so smart, so informed, so LIBERAL! I’m a huge fan and am thrilled that she continues to be fresh and relevant on The View after 13 years and has been a smash with her new HLN show.

Joy talked to about a variety of topics. Here are some excerpts:

Out: Ricky Martin came out. Were you surprised?
Joy Behar: Shocked! Shocked! I tell you that there is gambling on these premises!

So you’re saying you’re shocked?
I never really gave that much thought to Ricky Martin. I always thought that he was a really pretty boy and gorgeous and sweet. I’m happy for him.

In March GLAAD honored you with the Excellence in Media Award. Why do you think you’re such a celebrated figure for the LGBT community?

I don’t feel that I’m a figure for anybody. I think it’s great that anyone would recognize what I do. I mean, I say what I say. I tend to not give a lot of support to people who are homophobic or antisemitic or racist. I can’t stand any of that. It’s just my nature to detest anything like that, and it’s my personality to open my mouth. So, I really don’t feel like it’s any extra thing that I’m doing.

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  • April 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    “I tend to not give a lot of support to people who are homophobic or antisemitic or racist. I can’t stand any of that.” She deserves an award just for saying that. If everyone on this planet could wrap their heads around Ms. Behar’s logic, this world would definitely be a better place.

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