February 25, 2017
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Will the 4/23 “Eclipse” trailer deliver?

By Kim Palacios

Want to see a previously unreleased movie trailer for “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”? Watch Oprah this Friday (April 23rd) for the world premiere, and you’ll be among the first.

But, be warned: the March 11th release of the first official trailer (a stingy 1:32 in length) left much to be desired. Its focus on the threat of Victoria, a visit from the Volturi, and the love triangle among Edward, Bella, and Jacob, found fans complaining that the themes shown were overly redundant to those in “New Moon”. At 629 pages, “Eclipse” was the second-lengthiest book, and arguably contained the most turn-heavy plot. The first trailer failed to go beyond the basics and show how the film would get to the heart of the book.

So, what will fans be looking for in Friday’s release? Mainly, clues about which memorable scenes will be included in the film. Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli, David Slade, and other insiders have made remarks alluding to the newborn battle scene, the graduation scene, and the much-awaited tent scene. Yet other in-demand moments—a certain leg-hitch for Team Edward fans, in particular—remain unconfirmed. The most devoted Twi-hards are also concerned that “Twilight” and “New Moon” were overly-focused on Edward and Bella, skimping on the stories of the other Cullens. Recently released photos have created hope that perhaps “Eclipse” will take a more holistic view.

There is another reason why Friday’s “Eclipse” trailer release feels like such a big deal for fans: the Twilight empire is notorious for doling out new information at the speed of molasses. Photographs, news about upcoming films (::cough::BreakingDawn::cough), and, most recently, soundtrack information is annoyingly slow to surface. As the popular Rob My World blog asked yesterday, in reference to the “Eclipse” soundtrack and its fast-approaching June 8th release date, “How do we still have zero clue who will be on it?”

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