May 29, 2017

“Eclipse” re-shoots – what do they mean?

By Tracy Rosenfield

The internet is abuzz with the recent announcement that Summit is re-shooting some scenes from “Eclipse”.  Some people are worried for a number of reasons; it’s too close to the premiere, they’re going to change the infamous leg-hitch scene, Summit and David Slade have different visions, and just the sheer unknown of the nature of the re-shoots.

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I can’t verify it’s 100% accurate, but this is what I believe:

– Whether it’s David Slade’s or Summit’s vision, the film needs a few scenes re-shot

– The re-shoots supposedly involve some of the meadow scenes and fight sequences, but not a large portion of the film

– The timing of the re-shoots is unknown

– The timing of the premiere has not changed

(Note: Some people have been referring to the re-shoots as pick-ups.  Either way, whether a pick-up or a re-shoot, part of the movie will be filmed again)

Re-shoots are not uncommon for films.  They likely happen every single day and no one notices.  “Eclipse” is getting noticed because it’s going to be a HUGE blockbuster and is expected to make a killing at the box office.  If “Couples Retreat” announced re-shoots six weeks before the premiere, people likely wouldn’t be worried.

Either way, Summit and Slade will come together to make the best possible “Eclipse”.  For those of you on Twitter, you likely read Slade’s comments throughout the shooting about how great filming was going.  I have no doubt that Slade’s vision will come through.

However, for those of you expecting the romance or emotion of “Twilight” and “New Moon”, re-read the book before you go into the movie.  I love the idea of Bella and Edward.  Everything about them (aside from him leaving her in “New Moon”!) is beautiful.  But…this movie is not going to be one big love fest.  Yes, there is (hopefully) the leg-hitch scene and the romantic proposal, but “Eclipse” will be action-packed.  One of the best parts of the entire Saga is when Seth Clearwater (BooBoo Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) fight with Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Riley (Xavier Samuel), and Victoria has her head ripped off.

This is why I am not concerned about the re-shoots.  If some of the fight scenes need to be re-shot, so be it.  I’d rather watch a picture-perfect scene of Seth dragging Riley off into the forest screaming for Victoria, hear body parts ripping when Victoria’s head comes off, and see blood on Bella’s arm after she “sacrifices” herself.

And of course, the leg-hitch and proposal have to be perfect.

See below for the “Eclipse” sneak peek which goes behind the scenes of some of the fighting.

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