March 28, 2017

Team Cullen and Team Wolfpack: short-changed in the “Twilight” films?

By Kim Palacios

There’s always plenty of talk about Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, but what about Team Cullen and Team Wolfpack? Though some Rob and Taylor fans might trade the entire supporting cast for one more moment of screen time with Edward or Jacob, other fans take a more holistic interest in the Twilight Saga characters and cast.

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It doesn’t hurt that supernatural beings, as Stephenie Meyer wrote them, are most noted for their breathtaking beauty. Anyone who’s seen Kellan Lutz in Calvin Klein underwear ads or Ashley Greene on the cover of Maxim can’t be blamed for wishing the movies showed the Cullens just a little bit more.

The Wolfpack is no exception. Even the vamp camp’s most devoted fans admitted the Wolfpack scenes were a huge asset to “New Moon”. Tanned, shirtless, tattooed physiques notwithstanding, great acting and screenwriting drew us deeper into the Quileute world.

Yet even for fans without an, erm…aesthetic interest in who appears on screen, there is the question of fidelity to the books. Yes—the entire series is written from Bella’s point of view, but critical backstory is ignored in the films. Jasper’s attack on Bella was unclear to many who hadn’t read the books, as was Alice’s inability to see what really happened with cliff-diving in Forks.

Particularly as it pertains to the Cullens, there’s been sentiment that most characters have been short-changed. In both “Twilight” and “New Moon”, scenes with the Wolfpack and even the Volturi are longer and less utilitarian than those with the Cullens. Fans have expressed great hope that “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn” will redeem the overall film series effort, giving more characters their due.


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  • April 23, 2010 | Permalink |

    Absolutely, I would like to see and know more about the Cullens and Wolfpack. I esp. like Embry , and Esme.

  • April 24, 2010 | Permalink |

    I think your right and I know that Jasper will have his golden moment in Eclipse having a maximum amount of 20 words in the last two films combined. I just hope they do not miss Rosalie’s defining moment out too.


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