The “Twifecta” to appear on Oprah on May 13th

By Tracy Rosenfield

On Friday, April 23rd, Oprah announced to the world that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner would appear on her show on May 13th – just a few weeks away.  The online world immediately blew up again, right after it blew up from the “Eclipse” trailer.

What I’d like to call out is the difference between a “Twilight-centric” Oprah show, and an Oprah show that contains less than 2 minutes of “Twilight”-related material (e.g. the April 23rd show when the “Eclipse” trailer debuted).

The audience’s reaction to the trailer, which is not available online, has been described as “Meh” and “polite clap clap”.  Quite frankly, if I saw a trailer for a movie I wasn’t into, I’d have the exact same reaction.  Well, I might ham it up for the cameras, actually. But…

On May 13th, when the “Twifecta”, as they are called in the Fandom, appears on Oprah, we can expect a much different reaction.  You’ll hear unstoppable fan girl screams for Taylor, Rob and Kristen.   Kristen, after all, has a gigantic following by those that think she absolutely rocks!

You’ll likely also see Taylor sitting in the middle of Rob and Kristen to help minimize any over-analyzing of looks, comments or reactions, Rob and Kristen regularly fidgeting with their hair, and Kristen’s leg shaking – because that’s what she does and we love her for it.

For a taste of the ear-piercing screams to come, take a look at some of these videos of “Twilight” fan reactions to the “Eclipse” trailer (let alone the upcoming cast in-person appearance):

First, let’s start with clip of a TWO-YEAR-OLD FAN!!!!

This one busted my ear drums:

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  • April 24, 2010 | Permalink |

    Can’t wait to see Rob and Kristen together,again…..this isn’t New Moon, so there is no reason for Taylor to sit in the middle, now. And as far as the hair fidgeting, can’t wait to see. Eclipse is my favorite book. New Moon is my least favorite, but I made it through it. Now I can get my Rob/Edward fix. This movie is going to have everything. And is Edward finally gonna put a ring on it. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

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