May 25, 2017

The Second “Eclipse” Trailer – Did it “wow” you?

By Tracy Rosenfield

(Contains Spoilers)

If you are a true “Twilight” fan, or happened to be online at ANY point yesterday, you know by now that the second and possibly final “Eclipse” trailer premiered on Oprah with an introduction by Dakota Fanning.

First things first.  This trailer is far better than the first “Eclipse” trailer, which focused on the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob.  It was reminiscent of “New Moon”.  This new trailer focuses on the action-packed aspect of “Eclipse”, as noted in my last post.

There is A LOT going on in this trailer.

–          Riley is attacked by Victoria

–          The main plot is revealed  – an army of newborns being bred in Seattle

–          The Wolf Pack and The Cullens coming together to fight the army

–          The newborns descend upon Forks

–          Edward’s proposal to Bella

–          The battle scene

–          The EPIC fight between Edward and Victoria

If you haven’t read the book, you might not be clear about the plot just from the trailer.  But, the trailer does an excellent job for fans of the book.

There are a few changes from the “Eclipse” novel, including the newborns coming out of water (a very Slade-esque move) and Bella’s ring vs. the written description, “Nestled into the black satin, Elizabeth Masen’s ring sparkled in the dim light. The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold — delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds.”  Though the ring may be shown at a different point, there were definitely no “glittering stones”.  The diamonds were matte.  Finally, there is a distinct difference in the wolves, which look more realistic in “Eclipse” than “New Moon”.

And I can’t leave out the fact that Jasper is given face time in the trailer, and people in the cyberworld have been clamoring for it!

Overall, this movie should entice existing fans of the Saga, and perhaps even expand the fan base further into the male population.

Slade, we’re looking forward to the movie and we’re counting down the days!

Photo Credit RPLife, Copyright Summit Entertainment

About Tracy Rosenfield

Tracy, a Chicago native, is a Client Services Manager for one of the world's largest internet marketing companies. When Tracy isn't working, she spends her free time with friends, watching films, planning her wedding, traveling and blogging. In the past year, she's allowed "Twilight" to take over her life. She's interacted with and met numerous members of the cast, including the entire Cullen coven (excluding Nikki Reed) and the entire Wolf Pack (excluding Taylor Lautner). She visited the "Eclipse" set and has seen many of the locations where the upcoming film will take place. Tracy has experience both reporting on "The Twilight Saga" and interviewing cast members. She's looking forward to bringing you the most exciting "Twilight" news with a unique perspective - She's over 30 , a self-proclaimed Twi-hard, and "Team Edward". Watch out Twi-hards - here she comes!

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    my daughter is sooooooooooo in love with the boy vampires and werewolves.i mean it’s edward this or jacob that.she has 50 diff. things of every boy that is a vampire and werewolf.she even “KISSES” them befor going to bed.

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