May 23, 2017

Follow your favorite Twilight stars on Twitter: Part 2

By Kim Palacios

In Part 1 of the article, I named five Twilight Saga stars who could be followed on Twitter through verified accounts. Below are the unverified accounts of some other Twilight stars, which for various reasons—usually, because one or more verified Twilight stars follows them—cause me to believe the accounts are the real thing:

@billy_burke Billy Burke recently launched a new web site (not to mention a new album), and his Twitter account promotes it heavily. In his pre-web site era, his dry sense of humor came out in subtly humorous tweets and entertaining twitpic self-portraits

@DAVID_A_SLADE Though not a Twilight star, David Slade is the director of the upcoming Twilight Saga movie. He doesn’t tweet often, but when he does he’s heavy on twitpics and has been known to drop occasional tidbits about his film. (Check out his March 29th tweet, which links to a YouTube spoof of “Eclipse”)

@THEREALCHASKE Chaske Spencer tweets frequently about what’ he’s doing, what he’s filming, how he’s feeling and whatever else is new

@justinchon Justin Chon is another who apparently loves You Tube—he is constantly tweeting links to videos!

@iamedigathegi Edi Gathegi doesn’t tweet excessively, but he’s still a fun person to follow. In addition to updating fans on what he’s up to, he comes out with fun, accessible tweets.

A final note on fake accounts. I said as much in the other article, but it merits another mention here: most stars that I have not named have dozens of tweeters posing as them on Twitter. Elizabeth Reaser alone has eight people claiming to be her on Twitter—Dakota Fanning has at least double that. Beware, especially of those claiming to be Kristen and Rob.

Did I miss any verified Twilight star accounts? Let me know and I’ll add them to the list!

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