May 24, 2017

“Breaking Dawn” Director Bill Condon writes to fans on Facebook

By Kim Palacios

This afternoon, the recently-announced director of “Breaking Dawn”, Bill Condon, posted a letter on the official Twilight Facebook page in a move that seemed geared toward gaining favor with fans. In recent weeks “Team Summit” (as the studio is called by Condon himself during he course of the letter) has come under fire for its treatment of information about “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn”—information that made its way to fans at a pace that has been glacially slow.

Condon’s tone—not to mention the fact that this is the fourth major release from Summit in the past seven days—could go far in smoothing things over. His underlying messages to fans were clear: “I am one of you” and “I come in peace”. In the letter, Condon does three important things to address things that may have had fans worried about what he would do with the films. Certainly, he’s hoping these messages will nip vitriol and speculation in the bud:

He establishes himself as a fantasy and vampire enthusiast by referencing long-standing interest in the classic series, “Dark Shadows”, saying “Since making GODS AND MONSTERS thirteen years ago…I’ve been yearning for a return to a story with Gothic overtones.” This is certainly a response to tittering about the stark thematic difference between the Twilight Saga and the biopics and musicals he’s made before.

He gives evidence that he won’t steamroll the direction in which the previous movies have been taken by naming a laundry list of research he has done for getting up to speed. Referencing numerous reads of the books, the graphic novel, repeated listening of the soundtracks, and other gestures of dedication, he remarks “a corner of my office is starting to look like Hot Topic.”

He reinforces that he fell in love with the stories just as hard as each of us, and addresses us in a familiar tone. “Greetings Twihards, Twifans, Twilight Moms, Team Edward, Team Jacob and Team Switzerland,” he begins his letter. And, who could stay mad about a guy who opened with a salutation like that?

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    Fuck you Bill Condon. He’s a racist, man he told a filipino guy (NOT ME) in the audition that filipinos can’t be werewolves and they kick him out. What a guy.

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