February 05, 2017

“Eclipse” Re-Shoots: Drama or Fantasy?

HollywoodNews.com: This week has been chock full of rumors surrounding the “Eclipse” re-shoots that took place in Vancouver last weekend.  Initially, panic set in when Robert Pattinson was on set for two days without shooting any scenes.  People started speculating.  The negative rumors were that there was strife on set.  The positive rumors were that he came early to see Kristen Stewart.

David Slade jumped in on May 2nd with the following two tweets:

“So strange, I go away for three weeks and return to all these upsetting completely fabricated rumors.  Who makes this stuff up as news.”

“REAL NEWS:  “last 3 weeks have gone fantastic, pick up shoot felt like a reunion.  Rob, Kristen, Taylor the crew and I have 100%.  Onwards!”

These tweets raised the question as to whether fans were over-reacting to set rumors or if Slade was trying to quell the fandom.  In essence, it may have caused more questions than it solved.

However, on May 3rd, Lainey Gossip published a very tongue-in-cheek article about the re-shoots, insinuating they went anything but smoothly.

That night, David Slade took to Twitter, it would seem, to both fire back at Lainey and vent about all the drama surrounding the re-shoots (on-set or online – you make the call).  Slade posted the following:

“IN THE FUTURE artificial intelligence google apps will tell us whether we are indeed reading real news or just a blog.

IN THE FUTURE ai apps will be grade online journalism for its accuracy, poignancy, grammar and quality of writing.

IN THE FUTURE online ai grading will lead to the demise of blogging and the new rise of quality journalism.

IN THE FUTURE actors will have tiny GPS trackers positioned all over their skin so they can act in performance capture anywhere they want.

IN THE FUTURE there will be no need for actors.

IN THE FUTURE there will be no need for directors.

IN THE FUTURE there will be no need for you or me. But we will still be here.

IN THE FUTURE painting will still be a dead medium, and people will still paint.

IN THE FUTURE our children will be born more intelligent than we could ever be.


IN THE FUTURE everyone will be happy all of the time.

IN THE FUTURE everyone will lie to each other each and every minute of the day, and everyone will know.

IN THE FUTURE there will be no context for anything, and nothing will be in context.

IN THE FUTURE there will be no shades of grey, just facts.

IN THE FUTURE no one will know anything, and everything will be subjective and all facts will be true, in every sense.

IN THE FUTURE, the future will be out of fashion.

IN THE FUTURE the future will be in fashion, but just for 15 minutes.

I give you THE FUTURE, and goodnight. DS”

This long tweet is very direct about both the blogging and film world.  Obviously Slade is frustrated, but is it because the re-shoots didn’t go smoothly or the rumors are entirely inaccurate and Slade is fed up with the gossip.  The fact that Slade starts referencing actors, directors and others outside of the news/blogging world leads me to think there’s something more than rumors frustrating him, but what exactly, we may never know.

However, if you’ve been on Twitter or blogs lately and read comments about the “Eclipse” screening this week, the movie looks poised to not only be a huge success, but be a gigantic crowd pleaser, regardless of the atmosphere of the re-shoots.

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  • May 6, 2010 | Permalink |

    Don’t care if it’s True or not…what happenes at work stays at work…it doesn’t concerne us.
    The only thing I want to say about this….Lainey is a gossip…and what do gossip do? they exagerate and make things appear more than it actually is.

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