May 27, 2017

National Association of Music Merchants recognizes Robert Pattinson

By Kim Palacios As part of its fourth National Wanna Play Music week (May 3 – May 7, 2010), the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) added Robert Pattinson’s name to the Unexpected Musicians Celebrity Database.

Listed on the Celebrities Who Play list, Pattinson is noted as proficient in four areas: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, and vocals. This comes as no surprise to fans, who are accustomed to seeing Pattinson’s talent at work in his films—most notably his role as guitar-playing protagonist, Art, in “How to Be”. Also well-known are the song performances Pattinson contributed to the soundtrack of the movie “Twilight”. Many fans are hoping to hear more from the actor/musician on the soundtracks of “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn”.

Also appearing on the “Celebrities Who Play” list is Jackson Rathbone for acoustic guitar (though fans familiar with 100 Monkeys shows have seen him join in on other accompanying instruments, as well as sing).

As reported through a PR Newswire press release, lifelong drummer and President and CEO of NAMM Joe Lamond said the following: “NAMM created the celebrity database as another way to help fans find unexpected musical inspiration from personalities they know and admire. These personalities are famous for other accomplishments, but they are also musicians, which goes to show that you can do anything in life and also possess the talent to make music. There’s truly a music maker in everyone.”

For more information on other celebrities mentioned as part of the database, full listings are available online at

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    i would freak out if rpattz released his own cd, i would buy like 10 copies

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