May 28, 2017

Patricia Arquette grateful for the time she’s had on ‘Medium’

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith Pundits have had a hard time predicting whether this will be the final season for Patricia Arquette’s five-year-old “Medium” – or not. Arquette herself seems ready for either a yea or nay.

“You never know as an actor what the future holds. I’ll always be grateful for this a great time in my life,” she tells us. “I’ve been able to play really interesting things the writers have written – different time periods, different personalities, all kinds of amazing things.”

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  • May 25, 2010 | Permalink |

    i hate this show it is so bad, i always change the channel when it comes on, Patricia Arquette is soooooooooooooooo annoying

  • May 27, 2010 | Permalink |

    it has been a great year for medium season six was blast to watch
    every friday because i could fine anything to watch on friday

  • May 28, 2010 | Permalink |

    I love “Medium”!! And I’m soo glad it’s coming back for a seventh season! But I REALLY hope season 7 will be a little better than season 6. I noticed after the Christmas holidays that the episodes lost my interest. But I hope season 7 will be 10x better! <3

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