May 26, 2017

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner to appear at Los Angeles Official Twilight Convention

By Kim Palacios It was announced through the Creation Entertainment web site that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner will appear on Saturday June 12th at the Los Angeles production of the Official Twilight Convention<. To the outsider, the stars’ attendance might seem intuitive, but the appearance of any of the three at this event is a rare occasion This season, the trio has been conspicuously absent from the Creation Entertainment events, a fact I wrote about in my earlier blog posting, “Is the Official Twilight Convention worth it?”. With the passage of time, the convention has shifted away from the participation of principal talent and featured less celebrated stars with smaller parts. Among the only characters who remain loyal to lending bigger star power to the convention is Peter Facinelli, who appeared consistently earlier this year.

The convention is a weekend affair, running from Friday the 11th to Sunday the 13th, but the big event with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor will take place on the evening of the 12th. All that is said of their appearance is that it will be part of a “very special panel” and that anyone “attending the convention [will be] IN to see this amazing event!”

A separate note posted on the site—one that says “Due to scheduling, Rob/Kristen/Taylor will not be available for autographing or photo ops”—doesn’t leave much hope for more than the panel. Though it’s worth mentioning that Creation is notorious for not announcing key details until the very last minute—presumably to wait until the schedules of key talent can be reconfirmed.

While, for security and crowd control purposes, it’s understandable that autographs and photo ops with the three principal actors has been nixed, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few high-priced meet and greets for a small group of fans added in at the last minute. It may be a long shot, but when schedules have permitted, they’ve done it with other of the larger stars before.

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