Third “Eclipse” clip released!

By Kim Palacios

Hollywoodnews.comMany fans believed that the release of the theatrical trailer would be the last official video we saw before the premiere of “Eclipse”. This morning, an additional clip of the film was released—one focusing on less on the Edward/Bella/Jacob tri-fecta and more on the sub-plots involving the Volturi and the newborn army.

The clip depicts a 0:42 second snippet in which Volturi—specifically, Jane, Felix, Alec, and Dimitri—discuss what to do about the rambunctious newborns. They have ventured to Washington from Volterra, presumably to oversee rumors about the building of an army and to keep track of Edward’s promise to execute Bella’s change.

The driving force of the scene is Jane (Dakota Fanning), who disagrees with Felix (Daniel Cudmore) about whether to stop the newborns. When Felix suggests that doing nothing will jeopardize the reputation and authority of the Volturi, he insists that they do something about the situation. When he attempts to walk away, presumably to get involved, Jane stops him in his tracks by using her power to inflict pain.

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