May 22, 2017

Dominic Fumusa: ‘Nurse Jackie’ Secrets Beginning to Unravel

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith Look for bombshells to start dropping on Edie Falco’s “Nurse Jackie” as the Showtime show heads toward its June 7 season finale. “It gets even more intense, building up to a reveal of some of the secrets. You know, she has so many, you have to take them one at a time,” informs Falco’s series husband, Dominic Fumusa. “But you don’t want to get there too quickly,” adds the actor with delight.

His character, Kevin, spent the entire first season “100 per cent oblivious” to his wife’s drug addictions and affair with a hospital pharmacist (Paul Schultze). Now, “I love it because I there are so many more colors to play with. I got to go darker.”

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    I work in medicine and I’ve managed to enjoy Nurse Jackie so far. I had no trouble guessing (correctly) that the showrunners are lesbians–from watching the show. It simply had to created by gay women. There really isn’t a likable straight male in any episode. All non-gay men are portrayed as idiots, vain, clueless, selfish and so on. Only gays and females are nice. Jackie has a husband, and while he’s pretty harmless, he’s pretty much there for her to have a husband. He’s someone to be cheated on. He owns and runs a bar, which means his level of education (and intelligence) doesn’t come close to Jackie’s. The writers go far out of their way to show us that women can treat (straight) men any old way they choose. Jackie’s doctor friend sleeps with a good-looking male nurse, then cold-shoulders him. Zoey slaps the same male nurse for God-only-knows what mild remark. No one likes the hot male ER doc…and he has no mentors around to help him learn doctoring. Zoey, on the other hand, is female. So she starts off very green, but learns quickly to be a fine nurse. Dr. Cooper is male. He’s not going to improve his medical skills or personality. He’s frozen in place: Male. No good. This show reminds me of a few movies that had the same setup of men = bad, women = good. Rewatch Sling Blade, Thelma and Louise, Silence of the Lambs. Same thing. Pretty juvenile, but there are lots of women and gay people to love this stuff to death.

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