“American Idol” makes changes to performance, results shows

Hollywoodnews.com: It’s the one complaint I hear about “American Idol.” No, not that this season’s contestants are boring … though that, also, is true. It’s that the results shows drag on and on when it should only take 30 seconds for host Ryan Seacrest to tell us who is in the bottom three and, finally, whose journey ends that week.

Would you settle for 30 minutes, instead?

That’s what appears to be happening to the results episodes nest year, as told to The Philadelphia Daily News. “We’ve heard consistently from audiences that they want more performances [and] tighter results shows,” Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly said.

So results shows plan to return to the half-hour format. That extra 30 minutes will be tacked on to the performance shows, which will now run 90 minutes.

This point might not be as serious if “Idol” attracted better guests (Bon Jovi? Seriously?) for “results” night, or stopped chopping down the performances (Lady Gaga) people really want to see. And more interesting contestants are a must next season. Oh yeah, and a host who can fill the void left by departing judge Simon Cowell.

Tough decisions on the horizon for “American Idol.” Even though the show is off the air, it is going to be a busy summer.

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    What is your problem? Beside being tragically out of touch, I mean. Bon Jovi was the top grossing tour of 2008, and they’re posed to do it again this go around. Get with it, man.

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