May 28, 2017

Nikki Reed talks “Eclipse” on the Ellen Degeneres Show

By Kim Palacios As part of Today’s summer movie preview special, the Ellen Degeneres Show hosted “Eclipse” star Nikki Reed. Appearing briefly near the end of the show (after “The Office” star Steve Carell’s interview and James Taylor and Carole King’s musical performance of “You’ve Got a Friend”), Nikki chatted with Ellen about the upcoming film.

Her appearance opened with a clip from a rare scene between Bella and Reed’s character, Rosalie. “I don’t hate you,” begins Rosalie. “I don’t particularly like you, but…Bella, I envy you.” In addition to excitement around the release of this previously unseen clip, it was the longest dialog yet that we have seen the two share and Reed’s heftiest speaking part in the series so far.

In contrast to the frigidity of her “Twilight” character, Reed was effervescent during her chat with Ellen. She talked animatedly about buying her first home and rear-ending her mother (who was in the audience) on Mother’s day, and cracking jokes with funny-woman Ellen.

It also happened to be Reed’s birthday, so Ellen presented her with a present. More like a gag gift, the matching half heart pendants sealing their fate as BBFF (Best Brunette Friends Forever) was received smartly by Reed and got a good laugh. Finishing off the interview was Reed’s ending surprise–one lucky audience member won two tickets to the red carpet premiere of “Eclipse”.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for tomorrow’s Ellen interview with Robert Pattinson. Internet rumors leaked about Pattinson’s appearance are already reporting a segment of the show in which a blindfolded fan was asked to “feel up” three men and guess which one was Pattinson.

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