May 27, 2017

“Little People, Big World” stars reflect on how fame has changed their lives

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith Having the eyes of the world upon them, since their rise to fame as the stars of ‘Little People, Big World,’ has caused a lot of changes in the lives of Matt Roloff, his wife Amy and their four children. Some changes have been good, some not as good.

‘We were in Hawaii and a couple of ladies walked by Jeremy during dinner and shoved a piece of paper in his hand and said he dropped this and of course it was their phone number. That’s the kind of stuff that may not happen if they weren’t on TV but it’s cute to see,’ reports Roloff, smiling as he speaks of one of his 20-year-old twin sons. As viewers know, Jeremy is 6′1′ and Zachary is 4′4′.

He goes on, ‘We get recognized quite a bit. People are sometimes very respectful and give us space and other times they’re overzealous. You do start to build a wall because you get bombarded at times. I grew up where you smile at everybody but you can’t make as much eye contact because suddenly you’re talking to all kinds of people.

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    Jeremy is a pleasant person, respects his dad, and is a good role model to his siblings. He listens to his dad. But when Matt tries to give good and helpful pointers to the kids, Amy snaps, “they’re just kids” (already teens & they’re just kids?). Then she wonders why Zach almost didn’t graduate from HS because of bad grades! Matt has tried to please Amy, even considering what is convenient for her as a dwarf, but Amy seems not pleased. Is the reason for Matt to not consult Amy with his projects is because Amy always undermines and opposes him – not being supportive of him at all? After all, Matt has proven that his plans worked: transforming a fixer-upper into a grand house, transforming the farm into a beautiful, productive & profitable place making him a good earner and good provider for his family, having his own business that targets many projects, promoting and coordinating in dwarf organizations to achieve aims for dwarfs, helping disabled dwarfs in war-torn Iraq, holding pumpkin sales and farm rides in their property, searching good stuff and good woods from abandoned buildings to use in his farm, etc., etc. Amy, consider that Matt is not just a dwarf, but also physically impeded with pains and crutches. Yet Matt has achieved a lot – even better than many normal-height, able-bodied people!! Regret always comes last, so Amy, please save your show, save your marriage.

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