May 28, 2017

Will a second “Breaking Dawn” film finally be confirmed?

By Kim Palacios In the wake of news that fierce salary negotiations between Summit and Cullen actors Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene have abated, hope has sprung forth that the settlement of key actor terms will yield more information about “Breaking Dawn”. The $64,000 question has been around how many movies there will be, and hope is at an all time high that “Breaking Dawn” will indeed be split into two.

This certainly relates back to rumors that swirled around the Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene debacle—word on the street was they were negotiating salaries not merely for the entire “Breaking Dawn” project, but specifically for the second film. Indeed, the Twilight Saga films are proving to be a multi-year commitment for many actors involved. Though each of the principal actors has earned a small fortune for their time, the small army of secondary actors may have been left behind. Particularly since their Twilight fame may allow them to command better salaries elsewhere.

So, when will Summit make an announcement? By all logic, it would have to be soon. Recent confirmed news of the completion of other key contract negotiations (e.g., Bill Condon as Director, Stephenie Meyer as Producer) seems to support the idea that it is legal red tape, and not indecision, that is standing in the way of formalizing the news.

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Pictured: Director, Bill Condon

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