May 28, 2017

Sean Penn’s thriller is “Fair Game” Valerie Plame’s exposure by the Bush Administration premiered as a big Hollwood movie today in Cannes. The press applauded Doug Liman’s thriller “Fair Game” and rightly so. It’s a good movie. But the filmmakers are clearly scared of the press. Star Sean Penn has elected to stay away fron Cannes altogether. And the press has been excluded from any contact with Valerie Plame.

Still Naomi Watts turns in a powerful performance as the blonde bombshell spy, the kind of work that Jane Fonda or Julia Roberts would have done in their prime. She’ll be in the Oscar mix, certainly. Her career is notched up significantly.

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  • June 25, 2010 | Permalink |

    Malibu born and bred, family was in the business, ‘daring rebel outsider’
    Sean Penn continues to baulk ANY mention of unfolding revelations of
    GARGANTUAN, indeed, RECORD SHATTERING ‘peacetime’ mass genocide
    in Holllywood’s ‘fave’ mass market paradise —ACROSS the Pacific.

    On this, the 60th Anniversary of the astoundingly relevant KOREAN WAR
    —it’s LOL toooooo funny!

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