May 24, 2017

Dennis Hopper interviews Twilight’s Kristen Stewart: from the Interview Magazine archives

By Kim Palacios Following today’s news of legendary actor Dennis Hopper’s death, here is something from the archives: a little-known conversation between the veteran actor and Twilight’s Kristen Stewart done for Interview Magazine.

“Why in God’s name did you want to do this?” Kristen asks just seconds into her phone conversation with Hopper. “You have no idea how cool this is for me.” Hopper—not only an actor and director but also an accomplished photographer and writer—had a decades-long relationship with Interview Magazine. “Well, you’re a really good actress,” replies Hopper. “And my daughter is your biggest fan, so I thought, what the hell? [laughs] I usually don’t do this, either.”

And so progresses the interview—in the typical style of Interview Magazine, it manages not to feel like one at all. Stewart is positioned as the reverent ingénue, Hopper as the seasoned mentor. Similar to the dynamic achieved in the Sundance Channel’s “Iconoclasts” series, the dichotomy is at once of the utmost relevance, but not.

The article is rich with the kind of talk you seldom see from Stewart and a side of Hopper you may not have expected. My main advice is to go read the interview yourself. Despite talk of Kristen’s hostility toward her public, and antagonism toward the attention her stardom affords her, the way she tackles the topic of celebrity with Hopper may cause you to see her in a different light.

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