May 30, 2017

Sarah Jessica Parker wants third “Sex” flick, while Miley Cyrus eyes “Sex” prequel Studios aren’t usually in a rush to make sequels to films that have disappointed at the box office. But I wouldn’t count out a third “Sex and the City” movie, particularly if the four leading ladies are willing to venture down that path again.

Speaking at the Tokyo premiere of “Sex and the City 2,” Carrie Bradshaw herself, Sarah Jessica Parker, told MTV UK that she “hopes” they could do another film, but that even if they don’t, Carrie and the characters “will live on.”

“I feel blessed that we’ve told so many stories about these lovely characters,” Parker said.

Normally I’d tell you the “Sex” big-screen franchise is done. The sequel underperformed at the Memorial Day box office, earning $36.8 million in its debut weekend and coming in third place behind “Prince of Persia” and the fourth “Shrek” (in its second weekend). Not good.

But figures have been better overseas. Much better. In fact, “SATC2” enjoyed one of the year’s biggest openings in London, nabbing an estimated $8.86 million over the holiday weekend, according to Reuters. That was good for a first-place finish.

Could Warner Bros. be boosted by global reception and greenlight another go-around for “Sex”? Sure. And if a traditional sequel isn’t feasible, MTV UK has another idea – a prequel.

Miley Cyrus, who has a cameo in “SATC2,” reportedly was asked if she’d be up for a “Sex” prequel, and the teen starlet gushed, “I’d totally do it. I would die, it would be so cool.”

For her, maybe. But for us? Not so sure.

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