5 things Robert Pattinson shouldn’t have said at the Los Angeles Twilight Convention if he didn’t want fans to fall harder in love with him

By Kim Palacios

hollywoodnews.com: Robert Pattinson has often called the attention he gets from fans “overwhelming”.

Perhaps he wouldn’t be so overwhelmed if he stopped being so sweet. Little comments made at yesterday’s Official Los Angeles Twilight Convention only added to the star’s appeal. It’s no wonder he garners such adoration from fans when he says things like this:

“I just love babies.” Pattinson said it in reference to the “Breaking Dawn” scene he most looks forward to filming, and women everywhere felt their ovaries quiver. Pattinson’s other comment further underscored his desire for having a family someday:

“If I had to choose someone to play me in a movie, I would choose my son.” Though Pattinson first joked that he’d like Taylor Lautner to play him, his “real” answer was adorably heartfelt, and sweet.

“’The Runaways’ is my favorite movie.” Few things are more endearing than a man who admires and stands by his, erm…leading lady (note: when asked the same question, Kstew reported that ‘Remember Me’ was one of hers).

“Twilight has shown me how many people desperately want to keep real romance alive,” was Pattinson’s answer when asked his most important lesson learned from the Twilight experience. When Stewart ribbed him about his sentimental answer, he smacked her playfully to defend it.

“I love that Edward is humble.” It took Pattinson a moment to answer the question about his favorite trait of Edward’s, humility. But as he explained why, the crowd’s screams melted into a harmony of touched “awwwwww”s.

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  • June 13, 2010 | Permalink |

    Robert need not say anything to win the hearts of fans. His killer eyes can do all the talking. Plus his killer smile? The effect is: true love. Hahaha! sigh..

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