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More confident Robert Pattinson is all smiles at the Los Angeles Twilight Convention

By Kim Palacios It wasn’t so long ago that Robert Pattinson’s demeanor during interviews and media appearances was good-natured but rather subdued. During “New Moon” promo, Pattinson came off as a bit more soft spoken, a bit more awkward, and more than a little tense. But, lately, the star has shown quite a new side, and his body language shows all the proof. Replacing his typical nervous hair-tugging, low voice volume, and shy downward glances are confidence, playfulness, and laughter.

Just check out video from yesterday’s Official Twilight Convention in Los Angeles. During his panel appearance with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, Pattinson’s joking brought down the house. And his commentary wasn’t delivered with a dry, British sense of humor—Pattinson himself laughed openly almost the entire time and brought the whole crowd along with him. When asked about what it was like to do fight scene training in “Eclipse”, he joked about Taylor in spandex. When Taylor joked that Pattison and Stewart were sleeping together, Pattinson became adorably flummoxed before breaking humorously breaking the tension.

Most noticeable about the Pattinson’s energy of late is the new juxtaposition of he and co-star and rumored girlfriend Stewart. Most of last year’s commentary on the pair cast Stewart as the Hollywood veteran and commented on her poise and comfort with the media compared to relative newcomer Pattinson. Yet, now, it seems the roles have reversed. Stewart no longer outshines Pattinson when it comes to her comfort with the press. Kudos to Pattinson for coming into his own, and letting himself have more fun.

Exclusive Video PART 1 Below: Robert Pattinson talks Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Exclusive Video PART 2 Below: Robert Pattinson talks Twilight Saga: Eclipse


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  • June 13, 2010 | Permalink |

    Oh no. You are on the wrong track. This is exactly the Rob fans know and love. He was different during New Moon’s press. This was exactly how he was during the first Twilight press. I’m so happy he’s back to being completely awesome.

  • June 13, 2010 | Permalink |

    I do agree with the author that he is more confident and comfortable now when speaking publicly to a crowd. He openly teased Taylor (sleeping with baby comment) and Kristine (love Runaways) all the time.
    Compared 2009 ComicCom and 2008 ComicCom with the Twiconvention, you could clearly tell the difference. He made so many off the wall jokes during junket as well… When looking at his demeanor and they way he said that there is hope that people want to keep real romance alive, it made me think that Rob in 2008 or 2009 could never had delivered that line in that manner.

    It could be him being sleep deprived and loopy though. LOL.

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