May 26, 2017

“Eclipse” director, producer and screenwriter comment on their favorite scenes

By Kim Palacios Making Of had the scoop on the “Eclipse” scenes nearest and dearest to key players’ hearts. Though the question is frequently asked of the stars, we rarely hear from the many others who make the films a reality. Making Of got great video commentary from screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, producer Wyck Godfrey, and director David Slade. Here are partial quotes, but be sure to check out the full interviews at

David Slade’s pick: the garage scene. “Actually, one of my favorite scenes is the garage scene between Jacob and Bella. I think it’s a lovely, measured performance scene. There’s a great sense of …I thought the performances were wonderful… It’s a purely dramatic moment…I felt like we nailed that one.”

Wyck Godfrey’s pick: Edward’s proposal. “She’s gone in with the idea ‘I’m gonna have sex as a human before I get turned into a vampire, and he has different things in mind…Rob, for one, was just not looking forward to this scene. He’s like ‘I’m just going to come across as sappy.’ But it was really just about him going in and being honest to Kristen in the scene…there’s an awkwardness he has in that scene that is really endearing that came from how kind of uncomfortable it was for him–as it is for any man who has to propose–when he doesn’t know whether she’s gonna say yes or not.”

Melissa Rosenberg’s pick: Bella telling Charlie she’s a virgin. “It is just a small character moment, but both of them do it so well. Billy Burke is just one of the…that man can deliver a line. He’s got this very dry sense of humor. The two of them together are very awkward and it’s very funny and sweet. I have to say, that’s probably one of my favorites.”

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