May 23, 2017

What We Learned from Robert Pattinson’s, Kristen Stewart’s & Taylor Lautner’s TwiTour Appearance

By Tracy Rosenfield
SCROLL DOWN FOR NEW VIDEOS As you likely know, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner (along with most of the “Eclipse” cast) appeared at the official “Twilight” convention in Los Angeles this past weekend. Below is a brief summary of some of the new funny and serious tidbits we learned about the Twifecta from their Q&A session:

➢ Rob still doesn’t understand why girls scream for him
➢ Rob can’t answer questions when he’s tired
➢ Everyone is in agreement that grey spandex isn’t flattering on Taylor
➢ Everyone agreed that Taylor (Jacob) telling Robert (Edward) in “Eclipse”, “I’m hotter than you,” was one of the hardest scenes to play with a straight face
➢ Taylor said at last year’s Comic Con that he was most looking forward to filming the “tent” scene in “Eclipse”. Turns out he was right – it was his favorite scene to film
➢ Rob believes Edward’s most redeeming quality is his humbleness
➢ Taylor believes Jacob’s most redeeming quality is his persistence in pursuing Bella
➢ Kristen’s favorite band on the “Eclipse” soundtrack is “Florence and the Machine”
➢ Taylor and Kristen have been star struck; Taylor by Tom Cruise and Kristen by Kate Winslet
➢ Kristen enjoyed filming “the birds and the bees” scene with Billy Burke
➢ There are never ending jokes the Twifecta can make about Rob’s and Kristen’s upcoming scenes in “Breaking Dawn”
➢ Guys love Rob too
➢ Taylor isn’t part of the “Robert and Kristen” club

I’m sure there’s plenty more to learn from these three. Luckily we have countless more interviews leading up to “Eclipse”, followed by two more “Twilight” films.

Exclusive Video PART 2 Below: Robert Pattinson talks Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Exclusive Video PART 1 Below: Robert Pattinson talks Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Exclusive Video Below: Taylor Lautner talks Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Exclusive Video Below: Kristen Stewart talks Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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