May 27, 2017

Robert Pattinson’s parents steal the actor’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno appearance

By Kim Palacios In a peculiar turn of conversation on Tuesday’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Robert Pattinson’s parents managed to steal the show. Beyond Leno’s first polite acknowledgement of Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson (who were seated in the audience), a barrage of opening questions surrounded their role in Robert’s life.

“I had a nice chat with your folks backstage,” said Leno almost immediately after Robert took the stage. “Your dad and I have a lot in common—he’s an old car guy, so we had a good talk.” It didn’t end there; seconds later, Leno asked whether the Pattinsons were handling their son’s fame well. “I think they’re handling it alright,” commented Robert before shouting to where his parents sat in the audience, “Are you handling it alright?” The crowd, predictably, laughed.

Leno kept along on that vein, asking whether the senior Pattinsons believed the gossip rags. Commented Robert, “They used to, but I don’t think so anymore…it depends on the source. Some sources are more reliable than others. I think the magazines my mum read before I started being in them—the ones she used to buy—she trusts those, but any new ones, no.” Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson were shown, good-naturedly, absorbing it all.

“Has your dad influenced your career?” Leno asked a minute later. “My dad loves sending me e-mails which I love, love getting,” Robert gushed. After pre-emptively apologizing to his father for any embarrassment, the actor even went on to pull out his phone and read the audience one of his dad’s recent messages. It read “Dear Rob, I’ve been thinking about gestures. And, a good one, in my opinion, is to kiss a lady’s hand. It’s very romantic and refined. Offer a hand, ostensibly to shake, and then to kiss. I impressed your mother that way.” I guess it’s no surprise anymore where the actor gets some of his sweetness—from his dad.

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