Twilight “Breaking Dawn” to target PG-13 rating

By Kim Palacios

Though an official rating can only be issued by the Classification and Ratings Administration (CARA) after an official screening, a Summit rep told Entertainment Weekly that the target rating for “Breaking Dawn” will be PG-13. The news comes in the wake of questions about how a number of the most graphic scenes in “Breaking Dawn” will be handled—scenes which Meyer writes about sex, violence, and other mature themes not depicted in the earlier three books.

Though the birth scene (that in which Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee, is violently born) has received the most recent attention, “Breaking Dawn” is full of other opportunities to play up (or, play down) certain character traits and events. One key theme is Bella’s use of sex as a bargaining chip with Edward. As early as midway through “Eclipse”, she schemes to trade agreement to marry Edward for him allowing her to experience sex as a human; Edward agrees that they will “try”.

In “Breaking Dawn”, the pair does consummate their relationship several times while on their honeymoon. Though Meyer fast-forwarded through the sex scenes in the novel (a fact which was criticized as unresolved by some fans given her heavy use of sexual overtones), it will be difficult to maintain fidelity to the story if the screenplay pretends such overtones don’t exist.

Certainly, the franchise is signaling conservatism in order to protect revenues from one of its most important fan demographics—teens. This approach could aid ticket sales in the short-term, but fall-short of satisfying true Twi-hards that justice was done to the story.

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  • July 4, 2010 | Permalink |

    I have an idea that will satisfy moms like me & die hard Twilight fans. Make two versions of Breaking Dawn, one will have be rated “pg-13” ( no sex & non-graphic birthing scene) and a rated “R” or “NR” for the older fans with the deleted scenes left in. Like what they do when some movies come out on DVD. I could take my 13 year old to see the cleaned up version and go see the other with my friends, that’s more revenue for the movie too.
    Just a suggestion

  • June 13, 2011 | Permalink |

    i agree with hotwils. They should make a no sex and graphic birth scene and keep it PG-13, and have a R or NR version with nothing cut out. The only bad thing is kids will still go to see the R on NR version. JUST A SUGGESTION!!! 🙂

  • June 13, 2011 | Permalink |

    no sex and non graphic birht scene, not no sex and graphic birth scene. 😉

  • June 13, 2011 | Permalink |

    i think they should just have a rated R or NR version, because kids will still go to see the R or NR version anyway. 😀

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