Lindsay Lohan drinking tea that contains “harmless” traces of alcohol Lindsay Lohan just can’t get anything right. After her SCRAM bracelet already went off the night of the MTV Movie Awards for alcohol, you would thing the actress would be more careful and stay away from anything containing alcohol. But think again, this is LiLo we’re talking about.

Apparently, she has been drinking a tea drink called Kombucha that reportedly has harmless traces of alcohol in it. According to TMZ, Whole Foods pulled the line from their shelves because they insist that the 0.5% listed on the label isn’t very accurate.

GT Dave, the guy behind Kombucha, stated, “Although we are not familiar with the technology or sensitivity of SCRAM bracelets, we think it would be highly unlikely that our products would trigger an alarm.”

We wouldn’t put it past LiLo to figure out a way to set off the SCRAM bracelet with tea.

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    I really feel sorry for Lindsey Lohan, because she is now a lost torched soul and she don’t have any good role models to guide her in the right directions, like someone who is a genuine caring motherly figure. I’m not being funny, Lindsey mum is no good to Lindsey and her siblings, instead of caring about Lindsey and the rest of her children well-beings and putting boundaries on her children, so fame and fortune don’t get too much to there heads, because she know the pitfalls and tragic consequences you can fall into when you are rich and famous at such a young age. Instead of she giving out that caring side with good discipline as a mother should, that every children needs even if they famous, she sort of mother brush discipline and boundaries under the carpet and make sure she push her children to receive fame and fortune at whatever cost. Is it no wonder why Lindsey turn out they way she is now…That’s why we have to thank the Lord thy God for good parents who teach good principals in chidren in todays society so they don’t grow up to be spoilt, out of control or unruly to there parents or other people. I hope that Lindsey get the right sort of help that she needs like go to rehab for her drugs and alcohol problems and at the same time her father who is bit more caring than her mother will ever be, could help her by asking prayer warriors and a geniune holy ghost Pastor to pray for Lindsey, so God can deliver Lindsey Lohan from the Demons that’s keeping her in bondage to casual sex-lust/fornication, homosexuality, bisexality, nicotine, drugs,alcohol and many other things that his not good for flesh,mind,body,spirit and soul. Because since Lindsey being hooked on these drugs and alcohol, for quite a long time, don’t anybody notice if you look at her once pretty fresh- face it is no longer there anymore because she has aged. Because the drugs has aged her and she now looks a lot older than someone in her early 20’s, she could even pass for someone who is 10 years older than her actual age. All I have got to say if anybody want to experiment in drugs and alcohol, I would advise you don’t even go there, because if you don’t want to lose your good state of mind, good health, good looks and youth before your time. Take Lindsey Lohan for an example.

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