May 29, 2017

Team Summit sends mixed signals about Twilight “Breaking Dawn”

By Kim Palacios Just days after Summit Entertainment finally confirmed that “Breaking Dawn” would be filmed as two movies, people close to the effort (including a Summit media rep and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg) revealed that scenes justifying a lengthier work may not even be filmed. Intuitively, the decision to make two films would have been based in a desire to create more screen time to depict key events. Yet, extended screen time seems in discord with Summit’s confirmed conservative approach.

Melissa Rosenberg’s recent interview with MTV (during which she asserted that the Renesmee birth event would be more tantalizing if left to the imagination) already foreshadows the omission of an important scene. Add in recent comments made by a Summit media rep to Entertainment Weekly (in which the rep confirmed a target film rating of PG-13), and the list of other scenes that must be omitted grows.

Topping it off is the character arc argument—can Meyer’s original characters be fully realized if a PG-13 rating would limit the depiction of “Breaking Dawn’s” many mature themes (e.g., Bella using sex as a bargaining chip, Rosalie’s back story, Jacob imprinting on baby Renesmee)? What could possibly be depicted in two movies worth of limited maturity content? Given “Breaking Dawn’s” original story, it’s hard to know.

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