Stephen Moyer contrasts ‘Twilight’ and ‘True Blood’ When it comes to comparing the “Twilight Saga” to “True Blood,” it boils down to cheese according to the TV show’s actor Stephen Moyer.

“That’s like comparing Monterey Jack and Roquefort,” he said. “If my eight-year-old daughter comes to me when she’s 13 and says, ‘Dad, what would you rather I got into, Twilight or Black Sabbath?’ I’d be stuck between the two but would probably pull for Twilight. I love Black Sabbath, but that can wait until my daughter turns 16,” say Moyer who plays lead vampire Bill Compton. On Camera, Moyer’s Compton is smitten with Anna Paquin’s Sookie while off camera, the actors are actually engaged.

Moyer further elaborates to U.K.’s OK Magazine, “The ‘Twilight’ movies fill a niche. In her ‘Twilight’ novels Stephenie Meyer has chosen a similar vampire framework to tell a story about burgeoning sexuality. What’s interesting about our show is that sexuality has already burgeoned. I wish ‘Twilight’ the best of luck, but I’m very happy to be doing True Blood.”

“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” is due out on Wednesday, June 30. The film will reap a five day opening at the box office. The film’s previous chapter, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” scored the highest opening day at the domestic box office ever with $72.7 million and the third highest opening 3-day weekend with $142.8 million.

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  • June 21, 2010 | Permalink |

    whatever, ugly old man. both you and anna were hit with the ugly stick. i never want to see you two make out. yuck.

  • June 22, 2010 | Permalink |

    Interesting interpretation. I am a fan of both “True Blood” and “Twilight”, but I disagree that the themes in “True Blood” are more sophisticated. Certainly, the “True Blood” protagonists (both human and vampire) are older in years, but its vampires are less mature, with characters who are petty and socially stunted.

    For example, the “Twilight” vampires, after centuries of existence have formed an effective government structure (i.e., the volturi) that allow vampires everywhere to live in relative peace and co-exist with humans. Yet, the “True Blood” supernaturals are constantly embroiled in the trappings of mortals–sex, drugs, war, money, power and other things that immortals may logically neither need or want. How much more sophisticated could “True Blood” be when its vampires are basically humans with fangs?

    Don’t believe me? Think about the season premiere–when Bill is overpowered by humans, and captured. Think about Eric’s lies, and (my favorite) the Queen’s fear of the IRS!

    Kim Palacios
    Hollywood News Twilight Blogger

  • July 7, 2010 | Permalink |

    I liked his response to this question. I am in my 40s and watched Twilight for the first time on DVD last November and completely fell in love with the character of Edward. I was compelled to buy all four books and read them almost nonstop from beginning to end. Subsequently I saw New Moon in the theaters and was a bit disappointed because my favorite character, Edward all but disappears for most of the film. Loved Eclipse, however, except the focus was still way to much on teenaged Taylor Lautner’s character of Jacob. It was the Edward Bella love story that drew me in. Interestingly enough Twilight brought me to True Blood and I love it too, primarily for the Sookie and Bill love story. There are many similarities although True Blood is much more sexually explicit targeting a different audience, but it is the true love, do anything for the other person, love story that draws me to both the movies and the television series.

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