Jerry Seinfeld: What’s the big idea With Lady Gaga? Jerry Seinfeld, through no choice or want of his own, was connected to Lady Gaga after she was escorted to his empty luxury box at the New York Mets’ Citi Field and had a vulgar heyday.

The incident occurred on July 10 when she was caught scantily clad, giving the finger to fans and photographers.

Seinfeld never gave any authority permission for this and he sounded off about it on New York radio WFAN Monday night.

“I’m not one of these all-publicity-is-good people,” Seinfeld said on WFAN. “People talk about you need exposure — you could die of exposure … I don’t understand how this is good for her, but I’m sure she understands her milieu better than I ever could.”

Seinfeld further ripped, “This woman is a jerk. I hate her. I can’t believe they put her in my box, which I paid for … You give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we’re living in now? It’s pathetic. And why is she giving the finger? How old is the finger? How’d it even get to be the finger? Somewhere along the line somebody decided this is the bad finger.

“You take one ‘A’ off of that and you’ve got gag.

“I don’t know what these young people think or how they promote their careers,” Seinfeld said. “I’m older, you know, I’m 56. I look at Lady Gaga the way Keith Hernandez watches these kids when they pull the pocket out, they wear the inside-out pocket. … Do you think he could understand that? He can’t understand that. That’s a new game, that’s kids.”

Commenting on Lady Gaga crashing the New York Yankees clubhouse, the comedian further quipped, “Wake me when it’s over. Get an act. Rhinestone bikinis and giving people the finger.”

Nonetheless, Seinfeld’s final verdict on Gaga: “She is talented,” he added. “I don’t know why she’s doing this stuff.”

Read ESPN’s coverage here of the radio show.

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