May 28, 2017

Fans ask Twilight stars unbelievably racy questions during “Total Eclipse of the Heart” prime time special

By Kim Palacios “This isn’t 60 Minutes”, said Jimmy Kimmel at one point during last night’s “Twilight: Total Eclipse of the Heart” television special (all this during a particularly racy fan-driven Q&A). Though his normal Jimmy Kimmel Live is considered late night TV, his special was more prime time. You wouldn’t know it from the risqué set of questions fans were permitted to ask the “Eclipse” cast.

The first question set the tone. A young fan introducing herself as from Katherine from Pasadena began by crooning “Ummm…this question is for Taylor. Um, I was just wondering whether your abs are real or sprayed on, and if they’re real, could you please show the audience?” As it turned out fellow audience members were feeling just as frisky. The next two questions came from Jared from Pomona, who asked Dakota Fanning whether it was awkward working with Kristen after kissing her in “The Runaways”, and Leah from Santa Barbara, who asked Robert Pattinson what happened to the “gray Stoli shirt”, referring to the Stolichnaya Vodka shirt he was frequently admired wearing, and some related photos that helped secure his sex object status. Even after three in a row, the racy questions just continued on and on.

Andrea from Barstow went on to ask Kristen Stewart whether she preferred Rob with all the vampire makeup or whether she liked him “normal”. When Kristen didn’t answer to Andrea’s satisfaction, Andrea pushed with a follow-up question: “Which looks sexier?” she asked for the second time.

Taking the cake was the question posed by Amber from Dana Point, who asked Peter Facinelli about his wife, actress Jennie Garth! “I was just wondering, does Jennie ever want you to bring your work home and role play as a vampire?” Amber asked with more than a little mischief. Peter’s response? “Um, no. But I do play doctor.”

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