Twilight film vampire and wolf pack actors: why so segregated?

By Kim Palacios It’s been said that, on the set of every Twilight film since the appearance of the wolf pack, actors playing the wolves don’t hang out with those who play the vamps. From a production standpoint, this might make sense (since actors on set see those with whom they are playing in scenes), but has the segregation of the vamps and the wolf pack been taken too far?

The issue was highlighted on Wednesday night during Jimmy Kimmel’s hour-long “Total Eclipse of the Heart” television special, during which time more than a dozen “Eclipse” actors appeared to promote the films, but were presented with a tangible divide. The actors were presented in phases, beginning with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner; they were expanded to include a group of four Volturi and Cullen vamps, then more Cullen vamps a bit later, then finally (at the very end) three members of the wolf pack (who were not even given places to sit on stage during that set). Before the wolf pack was introduced—which did not happen until the last fifteen minutes of the show—Kimmel asked whether the wolves and the vamps hung out on set. Though Lautner weakly protested, the unanimous answer from the rest of the cast was “no.”

So, what gives? They may play different species on screen, but the actors themselves are human. Is there any good reason why Taylor Lautner is the only wolf actor who appears integrated with those who play vamps? One possibility is that Taylor and the original vamps formed an impenetrable clique in the first of the “Twilight” films; perhaps the integrated nature of some remaining scenes will create a new dynamic for “Breaking Dawn”.

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