May 27, 2017

“Toy Story 3” crushes newbies, “Grown Ups” opens per normal Sandler standards, and “Knight and Day” regains momentum.

Scott Mendelson At $18 million, ‘Toy Story 3’ has the 29th-biggest non-opening Friday of all-time. However, if you discount day eight or day ten grosses (IE – for a film that opened on Wednesday) that were not part of a holiday weekend, ‘Toy Story 3’ once again shoots up to number four, behind ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’ ($18.5 million), ‘Spider-Man’ ($19.9 million) and ‘The Dark Knight’ ($23.2 million). It’s eight-day gross is now at $185 million, which is eighth on the list, just ahead of ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ ($184.9 million). In realms of eight day grosses where the first or second weekend did not fall in a holiday, the film moves up to third place, behind ‘Spider-Man 3’ ($199.2 million), and ‘The Dark Knight’ ($261.8 million). At a 57% drop from Friday to Friday, the film should bounce way back with weekend matinee business today and tomorrow. Expect a second-weekend total of $60-65 million, and a ten day total of about $230 million (the sixth or seventh-best, depending on the final numbers).

Broadly farcical Adam Sandler comedies generally have opening days around $14 million and opening weekends around $39-42 million, and ‘Grown Ups’ was no exception. With $14.5 million in the till, this marks Sandler’s fourth-biggest opening day, behind ‘You Don’t Mess With the Zohan’ ($14.8 million), ‘Anger Managemen’t ($15.3 million) and ‘The Longest Yard’ ($16.1 million). Sony marketed this one as a broadly-appealing family comedy, selling the relationships between spouses and kids as much as between the five best friends. Besides, with a cast as huge as this one, almost any moviegoer will find someone they like. ‘Knight and Day’ rebounded a bit after a soft Wed/Thurs launch, grossing $6.3 million on Friday. Once again, opening on Wednesday was a terrible idea, especially in light of the sneak preview last weekend.

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