“Twilight” vs. “True Blood”: which series has better vamps?

By Kim Palacios

After reading Stephen Moyer’s comments comparing “True Blood” to “Twilight”, a compelling question arose: would a closer look at their characters prove his opinion to be true? Moyers’ interpretation respectfully praised “Twilight’s” appeal to a younger demographic while insisting that “True Blood” was more mature. Yet, a comparison of vampire attributes may reveal the “Twilight” vamps as more grown up:

“Twilight” vamps live in relative peace. Twilight Saga vampires, after centuries of existence, have formed an effective government structure (i.e., the Volturi). In “Twilight”, vampires may enjoy peace for as long as a small number of transparent rules are followed. Yet, the “True Blood” supernaturals have a government of cutthroat “politicians” constantly embroiled in the trappings of humans. Sex, drugs, war, money, and power are staples of “True Blood” vamp society, whereas in “Twilight” such trappings are rarities if they are seen at all.

“Twilight” vamps can’t easily be overpowered by humans or werewolves. The “True Blood” series opener showed humans capturing Bill so they could harvest his blood to sell as a drug. In the season three opener, Bill was kidnapped again—this time by werewolves. The “Twilight” vampires may find their match in other immortals, but would not be captured without a fight. They also cannot be overpowered in any way by humans.

“Twilight” vamps know how to dispose of bodies and aren’t afraid of the IRS. Season three of “True Blood” has exposed many weaknesses of its vampires, most noticeably a lack of savvy. Whereas human-feeding “Twilight” vamps are crafty enough to kill at will and elude police, more than one recent episode of “True Blood” has shown Jessica’s inability to hide evidence of a human she unintentionally killed. Also proof of the “Twilight” vamps’ maturity is their ability to handle money. Forbes Magazine named Carlisle Cullen the wealthiest fictional character of all time. Meanwhile, “True Blood’s” Queen is in trouble with IRS.

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  • June 28, 2010 | Permalink |

    That’s like saying Amelia Bedelia books are more mature than A Tale of Two Cities because Amelia Bedlia had the sense not to get herself guillotined.

    There’s a difference between being mature and being a Mary-Sue species, too.

  • August 18, 2010 | Permalink |

    1) In True Blood vampires have a much more complex political structure than in Twilight.
    2) A character who virtually has no weaknesses is not a good character: it’s a Mary Sue.
    3) Mary Sues also have a lot of money. In real life people have to struggle with financial problems.

    Silvia, from Italy

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