May 24, 2017

Does “Twilight” Have a “Team Bella”?

By Tracy Rosenfield June 27th, MSNBC published an article about the small “Team Bella” fan base, along with some rather unfavorable remarks about the Saga’s main character, Bella Swan. While the journalist noted a few Bella fans in the online space, she went on to provide several examples of why there isn’t a “Team Bella” like there is a “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob.”

What the author failed to notice is there IS a Team Bella and its presence is loud and proud. Nearly anyone who is a Kristen Stewart fan (and you can find droves of them on Facebook and Twitter) is also on Team Bella. It could be said that while most “Twilight” fans are on either Team Jacob or Team Edward, they are ultimately on Team Bella because they are looking out for her happiness when choosing either the vampire or the werewolf.

In December, Entertainment Weekly even published a cover story titled “Team Bella with a picture of Kristen Stewart (along with corresponding “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” covers). You can also find pins, posters and t-shirts with the Swan Team proudly displayed.

Though some may feel that Bella is too dependent on Edward or too whiny about her human existence, audiences will change their minds with the release of “Eclipse”, when Bella herself decides she’s on her own team, no matter who she chooses in the end.

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Photo by Entertainment Weekly, Cafe Press

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Tracy, a Chicago native, is a Client Services Manager for one of the world's largest internet marketing companies. When Tracy isn't working, she spends her free time with friends, watching films, planning her wedding, traveling and blogging. In the past year, she's allowed "Twilight" to take over her life. She's interacted with and met numerous members of the cast, including the entire Cullen coven (excluding Nikki Reed) and the entire Wolf Pack (excluding Taylor Lautner). She visited the "Eclipse" set and has seen many of the locations where the upcoming film will take place. Tracy has experience both reporting on "The Twilight Saga" and interviewing cast members. She's looking forward to bringing you the most exciting "Twilight" news with a unique perspective - She's over 30 , a self-proclaimed Twi-hard, and "Team Edward". Watch out Twi-hards - here she comes!

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  • Ana
    June 28, 2010 | Permalink |

    I’m both Team Bella and Team Edward.
    So we do exist. I need to show my Bella pride more often though.

  • June 29, 2010 | Permalink |

    I think there’s no team bella because she is the only girl…. There’s no Team Alice or Team Victoria… so there can’t be a Team Bella… There’s only two teams: Edward and Jacob!

  • June 29, 2010 | Permalink |

    Cant wait. I love Kristen Stewart

  • acu
    July 4, 2010 | Permalink |

    who said that theres no team bella ? HELLLO!!!!!! I am team Bella, got it?

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