May 24, 2017

Kathy Griffin’s mom discusses her new book

By Greg Hernandez One of the best parts of Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List is whenever her mom, Maggie Griffin, is on the show.

We fell in love with her from the beginning when she and her late husband would drink their wine from a box. Kathy talks about Maggie in her act and it’s always a hoot, especially Maggie’s indignation at whenever Kathy does something she finds embarrassing.

Kathy has teamed with her 90-year-old mom for her new book Tip It! The World According to Maggie. Maggie talked about that and a host of other things with The Advocate’s Jeremy Kinser.

Here are some excerpts:

If you could share a glass of boxed wine with any celebrity, who would it be?

Oh, Helen Mirren! I’ve met so many celebrities through Kathy and they’ve all been fine, but I think the only one I’ve actually shared a glass of wine with was Betty White. She was so wonderful and funny and real and adorable. I felt as if I’d known her forever. We just laughed and had the best time.

In your book, Kathy mentions that you now have as many gay fans as she does. Why do you think gay people have had such a positive response to you?

First of all, they’re wonderful to me. If I’m sitting having a cup of coffee, they’ll come up to me and ask if they can sit with me and talk. And I just love them, and I’m happy things are getting better for them. They say I’m just like their mom or their grandma. We always have a lot of laughs. I like the fact that they love Kathy so much.

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