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Twilight’s Taylor Lautner talks about fan culture in different countries

By Kim Palacios

HollywoodNews.com: In a July 1st appearance on Late Night with David Letterman, Taylor Lautner talked about the subtleties of fans across cultures. “Different fans choose to show their passion in different ways,” began the Twilight star. “And, a lot of times it’s screaming.”

“It’s weird,” continued Lautner when Letterman asked about fan reactions in different countries. “In Japan, they’re very sensitive—they cry a lot…what happens [is], they start crying, so you feel bad, and so you’ll touch them or something and say ‘It’s OK, it’s OK,’…and then they start crying more. So then you grab them with two hands or grab their shoulder and say ‘Seriously, it’s going to be just fine,’ and they’ll start bawling. And, eventually, they just faint. And, problem solved.”

“In Brazil, they’re very aggressive and physical,” the star continued. “They literally would grab our legs and our arms and we had to walk with them on top of us to the car. Then at the hotel, we had 2,000 fans storm the hotel lobby. They knew what floor we were on doing interviews and they were trying to come up to the floor. Our security guard rushed in, and closed the door and [told us to] remain calm…we got 2,000 girls that just stormed the lobby and got past hotel security and right now we’re calling the Brazilian National Guard.”

“Is it usually young women…or is it guys that come up to you crying?” Letterman asked at one point. Lautner admitted that many “guy-hard” fans cried, too.

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  • July 4, 2010 | Permalink |

    There were not even 200 people on the lobby of the hotel. And the Brazilian National Guard doesn’t exist since 1922. Plus, why would they call some special operations police to hold 200 girls? And the Guarulhos Airport is one of the most crowded airports in the world. Of course there were thousand of people there, but they weren’t all there for Tayor and Kristen. Although, the fans did try to grab them. That’s probably the only thing he said that was partially true.
    He probably thought the fans had a bomb or some, because he didn’t even came down to say ‘Hi!’ to those who slept in front of the hotel. Nor did he came on the window or balcony just to wave.
    Right now, Brazilians hate him and are trying to make #Tayliar a trending topic on Twitter. Way to go, Wolfboy! You just completely destroyed your fanbase in Brazil.
    You’re really cute, but you’re cuter with your mouth shut.

  • July 9, 2010 | Permalink |

    I could not believe when I read what he told about brazilian’s fans…Way to exaggerate!!
    There was NOT two thousand people on the outside of the hotel, not alone inside!!! And yes, We like the fisical contact , that’s why we are the most warm people in the world, because in no where else, you will find people, who hugs someone in the street when recognize them, or people that helps each other with a smile in the face, or even people that show you directions the most affectionate way! Because that’s who we are!!! But never we would harm a person, and in this case particulary, because they were there because they love him!! I do not understand at all…It’s very disappointing. If that’s how he fells about Brazil, he doens need to come here anymore.

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