February 05, 2017

Twilight “Eclipse” on track to become highest grossing Twilight Saga film

By Kim Palacios

HollywoodNews.com: “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” is already doing swimmingly for a film that opened less than 72 hours ago. IMDB is already reporting U.S. Box Office sales of $68.5M and Box Office Mojo is reporting international sales of $16.2M. One media outlet bodly posited that “Eclipse” could be expected to break $100M in receipts by lunchtime today. All signs point to a singular notion: “Eclipse” may become the highest grossing Twilight Saga film.

This is impressive early performance given total U.S. receipts for the earlier Twilight films–$297M for “New Moon” and $191M for “Twilight”. In the case of “New Moon”, U.S. opening weekend receipts comprised 48% of total sales. In the case of “Twlight”, the number was a much lower 36%. “Eclipse” will be different, however. For one, it is the first Twilight Saga film to attempt a summer release. It is also the first Twilight Saga film to release in the revenue-boosting IMAX format. Even if “Eclipse” itself sells fewer tickets, the average ticket price (now much higher due to IMAX) will bolster results.

In addition to watching overall sales for “Eclipse”, it will be interesting to observe profitability. “Eclipse” would have to earn between $335M and $386M in U.S. box office sales in order to achieve the 416% profit margin of “Twilight” or the 494% profit margin of “New Moon”. In terms of absolute profits, however, the film would have to break only $312M to surpass $247M in U.S. box office profits from “New Moon”. Supporters will still call the film an enormous success if gross sales break the $297M “New Moon” benchmark.

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