May 28, 2017

Showdown between Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi gets nasty

By Greg Hernandez I watched the big showdown between Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi who supposedly fell in “love” on The Bachelor last season. I believe I was more mature than these two when I was in, oh, 8th grade, but what can you do with these crazy reality “stars” these days.

Initially, I thought the 24-year-old Vienna was the villain for selling her story of the break-up to Star but now that she has shed some light on the relationship, you can see why she felt like she had to sell this guy out. While she comes off as the immature young woman that she is, she does come off as a human being at least.

Jake, I fear, may not be human. He was smug and had this kind of controlled fury that seems kind of scary.

Here’s my take: the guy wants to be famous. It was all going according to plan with The Bachelor, the stint on Dancing With the Stars and now an acting gig on Drop Dead Diva. He wanted a stepford kind of “fiancee” to stand by him through all of the initial publicity and the launch of his “career” before they amicably parted about 5-6 months down the road.

Vienna did not stick to the script! She’s like the Princess Diana of reality television!

“You need a perfect girl who says nothing and does everything,” she said in the interview. “[You’re the] biggest fake liar I have ever met!”

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