Billy Murray kind of squashes “Ghostbusters” rumors, calling it a “crock”

By Sean O’Connell That sound you hear is the last nail being driven into the casket of “Ghostbusters 3.”

OK, no project is ever really dead in Hollywood, particularly rumored sequels to extremely successful film franchises like “Ghostbusters.” But Bill Murray’s recent responses to GQ magazine — which interviewed the icon as part of its annual comedy issue — seem to suggest the anticipated third go-round isn’t going to get off the ground.

“It’s all a bunch of crock. It’s a crock,” the candid Murray said. He went on to explain that because Ramis’ “Year One” flopped — and it was penned by the writing team Ramis hoped to lure to “Ghostbusters,” the idea of doing a third movie “just vaporized.”

Murray also seems OK with that, and I think I am, too. No one really wants to see older Ghostbusters, replacement Ghostbusters, or an animated Ghostbusters adventure that send the guys to Hell (all of which have been rumored).

You should read the full article. It really captures Murray’s unique approach to the film industry, and goes on to explain why he works so infrequently, and what kind of identity mix up “inspired” him to lend his voice to “Garfield.” It’s a great read.

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