May 26, 2017

Mel Gibson tape recordings made a month after the fight

By Roger Friedman If you’re following the Mel Gibson saga, it’s handy to lay out a timeline.

Oksana Grigorieva says–through her recordings, now available in plenitude from Radar Online–that Mel attacked her physically on January 6th, 2010.

But the recordings we’ve been deluged with? I am told they were made a month later, approximately early February, over two long nights.

In between these two events, Oksana–despite the alleged beating–went with Mel to the opening of “Edge of Darkness” and then on a European promotional trip.

The recordings–which are digital and not on any kind of tape–came after the trip and possibly 5 weeks after Mel allegedly hit Oskana and baby Lucia.

Now Oksana’s text messages to and from Mel have made it to Radar “mysteriously.”

Here is the transcript from Radar of the text messages:

JANUARY 7, 2010 — 3:25PM

MG: Oksana, I wasn’t safe for you last night. I spent two hours with a therapist today and have regained some perspective. What I’m telling you know if I am safe & would like to come by and make amends to you, sascha and Lucia. I won’t stay just let you say your peace and I’ll say mine. Let me know if it’s alright!

MG: Or if it’s not.

MG: Let me know either way.

MG: Yes or no.

MG: It’s important that I apologize to sascha before he goes.

MG: Please respond one way or another.

OG: I have two broken front teeth and a concussion. I can not c u today, I’m hurting. U can apologize to Sacha some other time.

MG. Did you get them fixed yet?

MG: When can I see you?

MG: I need to see you this evening & then I promise I’ll leave you alone for as long as you want

MG: If only for 10 minutes.

MG: Please.

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