Oksana’s reputation comes into question with Sheriff

HollywoodNews.com: The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department has officially entered the fray in the Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva court battle. The department is apparently interested in whether Oksana has provided contradicting accounts regarding domestic violence.

Sources say that the department is especially interested in Oksana’s declaration and deposition testimony to see if she has been completely truthful in her claims that range from malicious screaming all the way to battery as a source of sexual arousal. To sum it up, the allegations are very serious and the department is investigating whether there is any truth to her claims, TMZ reports.

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  • January 26, 2011 | Permalink |

    Oksana keeps adding to her description of assault. The latest addition was the bit about Mel allegedly beating her to get aroused–according to insiders, Oksana did not mention that in her initial account to the court, in any of her lengthy depositions, during the mediation talks, or in any of the previous media interviews. I am pretty sure she spun a slap (the one he admitted giving her to stop her from shaking the baby at him) into one punch, then into several punches, then added choking, and then added hitting the baby. But then, on Larry King Live, the baby was not punched but rather Oksana’s veneer shattered and the baby was cut by a fragment, and oh, BTW, Mel waved a gun at them or was it he threatened to kill himself, Oksana and the baby? Was the gun in his shorts or did he run into the bedroom to get it? Did she just arrive home from a sports event or was she in her pyjammas and barefeet already running around the backyard in the dark and then driving her car without shoes? Did she stay at her home while he called her and called her on Feb. 18th and she couldn’t sleep for fear he would come over, or did she stay in a motel with the help of a friend? So many different stories just keep pouring out of her mouth and it seems there is nothing she will not say if it occurs to her.
    Luckily, Oksana has access to Photoshop so she can continue to manufacture fresh evidence like the baby photo with the little bump on the child’s chin even though a doctor saw no evidence of any cut or bruise on the child the next day and there is a picture of the child from the next day with no injuries on her chin. Or how about the nifty photo of Oksana’s left eye looking bruised, except it always looks like that (check out the photos in Hello magazine in which she shows off Lucia for the first time–same markings appear around Okana’s left eye.

    For all our sakes, when will law enforcement shut her down already?!

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