June 27, 2017

Paul Nassif Drags Adrienne Maloof Into Court Today To Try To Get Custody

Paul Nassif appeared in Court today to try to get temporary custody of the parties’ three minor children and to kick Adrienne Maloof out of the parties’ mansion.

According to TMZ a declaration filed in court today stated that the “couple’s head of security witnessed Adiennehit and scratched Paul in their car last summer…” Later in Court Paul’s attorney stated that Adrienne removed a gun from Paul’s briefcase and took a picture of it.

Radar Online also reported that the Court denied Paul’s relief today as there was “no proof of any harm being caused to the children while under Adrienne’s care.” The court will hold a full hearing on this issue at a later date.

Courts generally will not kick another spouse out of their home unless there is a showing that immediate harm will come to that spouse and/or the children or make custody changes without a full hearing. In this case Paul was alleging facts that happened “last summer” and the facts did not relate to specific harm to the children. Given the alleged abuse to Mr. Nassif happened over a year ago it was not recent enough to issue a restraining order against Adrienne. When alleged abuse occurs, courts want to see that the aggrieved party seeks immediate relief.

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