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Louis C.K.: the next actor/comedian to become a successful filmmaker?

For a couple of years now, I’ve been waiting for the news that Louis C.K. would be taking the plunge back into the filmmaking world after one misguided attempt a while back (Pooty Tang, for those of you who don’t know). Well, it’s apparently coming soon, as he is planning to write, direct, and act in an independent film called I’m a Cop. This could really mark the start of C.K. not just conquering the stand up comedy world with his act and the television landscape with his show Louie, but also the indie film world as well. In fact, I don’t think it’s insane to think about him as a possible Academy Award nominee in the near future. Am I getting ahead of myself? Sure, but isn’t that sort of the point about this kind of an article? I thought so.

There aren’t many details about I’m a Cop available yet, but this is the synopsis for the script that C.K. wrote: it’s the story of a depressed middle aged man who is employed as a volunteer police officer but is living in the shadow of his mother, a retired highly decorated officer herself. When she dies, her large and continued influence compels him to become a real police officer, which is something he never wanted to be in the first place. C.K. will star as the man, as well as directing his own script. There’s no word on any other cast members, but one has to assume that the mother part could be a baity one, so expect a choice pick there.

I think C.K. has a ton of potential as a filmmaker, perhaps becoming our next Woody Allen, if you’ll allow me to really go overboard a bit here. If that’s too much, maybe a more dramatically minded Judd Apatow who will also act in his own movies? That’s the ideal, clearly, but it’s all just speculation right now. The thing is, since C.K. re-invented himself over the past decade or so, he’s been on an incredible run. Pretty much every single thing he touches these days turns to gold. As such, you have to bet on C.K. knocking this one out of the park.

If the best case scenario comes to pass, I’m a Cop could thread the needle between comedy and drama, becoming an awards contender in the process. Sight unseen, it’s silly to predict how nominations could turn out, but Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Original Screenplay are ones that you could speculate about, with the other main part perhaps turning into a Best Supporting Actress campaign as well. There’s zero way to know what will happen, but Louie tends to do well at TV awards shows, so it’s not like C.K. doesn’t appeal to voters already. The Academy is a different animal entirely though, as we all know. He runs his show like he would an indie film production, so that’s a cause for optimism. at least in my book.

In the end, this is just an exciting bit of news that allows us to daydream a bit about C.K.’s potential as a feature filmmaker. I’m a Cop is just a script right now, one that producer Scott Rudin has seen fit to produce. That’s no small potatoes, obviously, but this project is still just in its infancy. I’ll be paying close attention to this one as it moves forward, hopefully beginning the casting process soon. With any luck, it could wind up playing at the Sundance Film Festival next year, though perhaps next year’s Toronto Film Festival could be just as likely for it. Regardless, I’ll be excited and ready to cover it whenever it comes to fruition. Sit tight, we’re just getting started with C.K.’s new baby.

Stay tuned for more on I’m a Cop soon!

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