June 23, 2017

Articles By: Tracy Rosenfield

Tracy, a Chicago native, is a Client Services Manager for one of the world’s largest internet marketing companies. When Tracy isn’t working, she spends her free time with friends, watching films, planning her wedding, traveling and blogging. In the past year, she’s allowed “Twilight” to take over her life. She’s interacted with and met numerous members of the cast, including the entire Cullen coven (excluding Nikki Reed) and the entire Wolf Pack (excluding Taylor Lautner). She visited the “Eclipse” set and has seen many of the locations where the upcoming film will take place. Tracy has experience both reporting on “The Twilight Saga” and interviewing cast members. She’s looking forward to bringing you the most exciting “Twilight” news with a unique perspective – She’s over 30 , a self-proclaimed Twi-hard, and “Team Edward”. Watch out Twi-hards – here she comes!

Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart make People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful” issue?

Last year, Robert Pattinson took a spot in People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful” issue. Kristen Stewart was just recently added as the homepage feature for People’s “Beautiful at Every Age” feature story. So, it begs the question – will either of them earn a spot in this year’s “Most Beautiful” issue? Countless[...]

The “Twilight” cast gives back

By Tracy Rosenfield HollywoodNews.com: The “Twilight” cast is a well-known (and large!) group of actors.  But in their “off” time, many of them use their celebrity to support charitable causes and help the greater good.  Below are some of the actors and the charitable causes they support.  If you know of[...]

Ashley Greene chosen as one of Nylon Magazine’s 55 Faces of the Future

By Tracy Rosenfield HollywoodNews.com: In Nylon Magazine’s May 2009 Hollywood issue, Ashley Greene is listed as one of the faces of the future.  However, it wasn’t easy for Ashley to get to where she is now. On numerous talk shows, Ashley stated that she worked several different day jobs before breaking into[...]

“Eclipse” – what are you looking forward to most?

By Tracy Rosenfield HollywoodNews.com: I’ll let you in on a secret.  I am most looking forward to the Victoria-Edward brawl and the infamous “leghitch” scenes in “Eclipse”.  However, there are going to be many favorite scenes for fans this year.  Below are some of the most remembered scenes from “Eclipse”.  Which[...]

The “Twifecta” to appear on Oprah on May 13th

By Tracy Rosenfield On Friday, April 23rd, Oprah announced to the world that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner would appear on her show on May 13th – just a few weeks away.  The online world immediately blew up again, right after it blew up from the “Eclipse” trailer. What I’d[...]

The Second “Eclipse” Trailer – Did it “wow” you?

By Tracy Rosenfield (Contains Spoilers) If you are a true “Twilight” fan, or happened to be online at ANY point yesterday, you know by now that the second and possibly final “Eclipse” trailer premiered on Oprah with an introduction by Dakota Fanning. First things first.  This trailer is far better than the first[...]

“Eclipse” re-shoots – what do they mean?

By Tracy Rosenfield The internet is abuzz with the recent announcement that Summit is re-shooting some scenes from “Eclipse”.  Some people are worried for a number of reasons; it’s too close to the premiere, they’re going to change the infamous leg-hitch scene, Summit and David Slade have different visions, and just[...]

Beyond “Eclipse” – What’s next for the “Twilight Saga” cast?

Though Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the rest of “The Twilight Saga” cast are best known for their “Twilight” roles, most of the actors in the Saga have more brewing during and after “Twilight”.  After researching multiple sources, below is a thorough list of upcoming projects that the[...]

Welcome to my first post, Twi-hards!

You’re probably asking, “Who is this girl?  Why does she think she knows ‘Twilight?’”  Well, let me tell you a little about me and “Twilight”.  Hopefully you’ll find it interesting enough to stick around. I started out late in joining the “Twilight” fandom. This fact, however, makes me no less of[...]

Meet “Twilight Fan Blogger” contributor – Tracy Rosenfield

Congratulations to Tracy Rosenfield, who is going to be a “Twilight Fan Blog” contributor. She will be sending us the scoops, so be sure to keep checking back so you don’t miss a thing! Before she starts posting, take some time to get to know her: Tracy, a Chicago native, is a[...]
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