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Updated Academy Award predictions to close out the year

Before the we turn the page from 2017 to 2018, of course there needs to be a new set of Oscar predictions, right? These are the final days of the year (look for a best of 2017 post tomorrow), with every film in contention having been screened for critics and[...]

Golden Globe predictions for late December

As the year wraps up, awards shows are going to begin to take center stage, no pun intended. The Golden Globes don’t really mean too much, Academy Award wise, but with so many close races this year, they might actually end up holding a bit more sway than usual. Academy[...]

Trailer for ‘Chappaquiddick’ highlights Jason Clarke and Bruce Dern

Last week, somewhat lost in the shuffle, a promising Trailer dropped for Chappaquiddick, a look at one of the defining moments in the life of the late politician Ted Kennedy. Initially scheduled for a late 2017 release, it opted to avoid the glut of titles and hold back for next[...]

Aaron Sorkin makes a crackling directorial debut with “Molly’s Game”

Merry Christmas! As you open your presents, a really terrific film is also opening today, in theaters. It’s Molly’s Game, the directorial debut of ace scribe Aaron Sorkin. Long considered one of the best writers in Hollywood, he’s moved behind the camera to direct this drama, becoming a full fledged[...]

Updated Academy Award predictions before Christmas

It’s almost Christmas, which means, among other things, we’re almost out of movies for the year. Personally, I’ve seen all of the Oscar contenders by now, and in the coming days, audiences will be able to catch up. The Academy and its membership are doing the same, as the voting[...]

“Hostiles” is a bleak yet compelling western

So far, filmmaker Scott Cooper has yet to really crack through with a true vision. He’s directed Jeff Bridges to an Oscar with Crazy Heart, as well as had would be awards players in Black Mass and Out of the Furnace. Still, his work felt very anonymous, like for hire[...]

Hugh Jackman sings his way through “The Greatest Showman”

Embargoing a film up until the day of release is never a sign of confidence on the part of a studio. Usually, this sort of treatment is reserved for low class genre fare, not would be Oscar contenders. Yet, here we are in the case of The Greatest Showman. It[...]

Ridley Scott defied the odds with “All the Money in the World”

With an embargo now lifted, let me express some real deference towards what Sir Ridley Scott was able to do with All the Money in the World at the 11th hour. His decision to recast a crucial role, essentially firing Kevin Spacey months after production had ended and replacing him[...]

“Downsizing” is a very different sort of outing for Alexander Payne

Watching the changing winds in terms of Downsizing has been fascinating this awards season. Initially, out of the Venice Film Festival, it was looked at as a big time Oscar player. Then, moving on to the Telluride Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, its star faded. This week,[...]

A new set of December Oscar predictions

The precursors are almost a daily occurrence now, so why not make new Academy Award predictions a weekly one too? That’s the goal here, as we enter the middle of December. The weather on the east coast is frigid, but the Oscar season is heating up, that’s for sure. The[...]
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